Oddisee “Beneath the Surface” World Tour 2017

Underground Hip Hop giant Oddisee from Washington, DC, a member of the Diamond District and Low Budget crew is hitting the road with his live band Good Company embarking on “Beneath the Surface Wold tour.

Please make sure to: name your city for winning tickets. 5 tickets will be given away per concert. Winners will be notified by direct message.

Oddisee.co/tour for Tickets & Dates My new album, “The Iceberg” available now on Mello Music Group.

Beep! Beep! Coming to a city near you.

Oddisee Bean the surface tour dates 2017 bestdamntours
Ready to Rock

Yeah and Nah

That’s Love

First Choice


Book Covers

Want Something Done

Contradiction’s Maze

Own Appeal

Meant It When I Said It

Worse Before Better

101 (2008)

Mental Liberation (2009)

New Money (2009) (with Trek Life)

In the Ruff (2009) (with YU and Uptown XO, as Diamond District)

Traveling Man (2010)

People Hear What They See (2012)

The Beauty in All (2013)

Tangible Dream (2013)

March on Washington (2014) (with YU and Uptown XO, as Diamond District)

The Good Fight (2015)

Compilation albums:

Odd Seasons (2011)


Instrumental Mixtape Volume One (2005)

The Remixture Vol. 1 (2006)

Foot in the Door (2006)

Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 2 (2006)

Odd Summer (2009)

Odd Autumn (2009)

Odd Winter (2010)

Odd Spring (2010)

Rock Creek Park (2011)



Oddisee Beneath the surface tour main 2017 bestdamntours